The 21st Century Is Nothing Like We Used to Imagine

I was driving home from the gym the other day. As I came to a stop at a red light, I heard sirens. I heard a lot of sirens. At once, twenty or so police cars came flying by. Clearly, something terrible had happened for so many units to respond so quickly. I wondered what was going on, since it happened close to where my wife and I live.

It turns out that a gentleman had walked into the local Wal-Mart carrying a shotgun. When the smoke cleared, it was determined that he had intended to return the shotgun that he had previously purchased. He had a receipt from what I understand.

That incident made me realize something...we have become a totally paranoid culture. With good reason, I'd say.

Since the turn of the century, we have had a major terrorist attack, over 280 school shootings, movie theater shootings, nightclub shootings, college campus shootings, global warming, and let's not forget Y2K.

I confess, I hear gunshots on occasion. When I hear them, I immediately lock the doors and windows. Usually it turns out to be firecrackers. When I hear a plane flying overhead, I go outside and watch it to make sure it keeps going. 

What the hell happened to the 21st Century we used to imagine? Where are the flying cars?
Where are the Moon Colonies? Where are the floating restaurants? The other day I saw Demolition Man, one of my favorite Stallone movies. Where are the cryo-frozen convicts? Where are the profanity violations? 

Let's face it, guys, this is not exactly what we envisioned back in the 80s. Oh, we have technology more advanced than we ever thought. We have social media, which has become the number one platform for spreading fear and paranoia, ironically. 

This is most certainly not the 21st Century I once hoped for. I imagined that money would be spent on peace instead of war. Do you realize that the United States Government has a War Department, but not a Peace Department? 

We have an alarming number of diseases and illnesses. We have ridiculously high healthcare costs. We have a Food and Drug Administration in our federal government that seats executives from "big pharma" on it's Board of Directors. Oh yeah, and we have corruption. Lots of corruption. 

We had a black president, which I thought was an incredible leap forward in our society's evolution. Now white supremacist Christian evangelicals have "taken back" the country in order to make it "great again" under a president more upset with his Twitter account and colluding with other countries than actually solving the issues in our own country. 

I imagined the 21st century to be a place where diversity would be commonplace. I imagined a Third Great Awakening like the previous two. Although now I see one brewing among us post-evangelicals. 

No this is not the 21st century I imagined. However, the course of this century can still be changed for the better. Flying cars could happen. Healthcare could become free for everyone without killing the economy. Education could become free and self-directed. Classes could be bought and taken over the internet. The embrace of diversity and racial reconciliation can happen. 

We have the power to change all of this. We have the power to connect and work together, increasing our country's vibrations beyond love and above! We can become a house UNdivided. If we choose to commit ourselves to positive attitudes and a cooperative mindset, wonderful things can happen! It's not too late!

Is it?


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