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Jesus, Inerrancy, and Heroin Overdoses

I got a note today from a dear reader and good friend. He was upset because he just came from a funeral for an old friend of one of his best friends, who died of a drug overdose. Here is a copy of the message, edited to respect the anonymity of those involved:
I just wanted to share with you something I experienced today that made me remember why I left the Baptist church. So a preface to this story: A guy that I went to high school with,  (he was in a grade under me, and I only knew him in passing at school), was found dead in his apartment on Tuesday after injecting heroin and overdosing. My best friend was really good friends with him, so I went with her to the funeral service today. The service was at __________ Baptist. My friend,______, also grew up Baptist and left the church many years ago. When the pastor got up to give a (what was supposed to be) short sermon, my heart broke. I was completely disgusted at what he was saying. One of the things he said to the family was and I q…

The 21st Century Is Nothing Like We Used to Imagine

I was driving home from the gym the other day. As I came to a stop at a red light, I heard sirens. I heard a lot of sirens. At once, twenty or so police cars came flying by. Clearly, something terrible had happened for so many units to respond so quickly. I wondered what was going on, since it happened close to where my wife and I live.
It turns out that a gentleman had walked into the local Wal-Mart carrying a shotgun. When the smoke cleared, it was determined that he had intended to return the shotgun that he had previously purchased. He had a receipt from what I understand.
That incident made me realize something...we have become a totally paranoid culture. With good reason, I'd say.
Since the turn of the century, we have had a major terrorist attack, over 280 school shootings, movie theater shootings, nightclub shootings, college campus shootings, global warming, and let's not forget Y2K.
I confess, I hear gunshots on occasion. When I hear them, I immediately lock the doors an…