Milestones of Love and Grace

Yesterday, while Americans were paying their proper respect for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, I became a grandfather! My first grandchild, Amelia Grace Stewart, made her debut at 10:28 am. She is 6.78 pounds and 19 inches of perfection. She is the most beautiful, perfect human being I have ever seen! I haven't stopped smiling in two days! I hope I never do!

I wanted to post some thoughts about the experience, but without all the new grandparent cliche'. I will describe one powerful moment that occurred yesterday evening, and the profound effect it had on me.

I was sitting next to my daughter, Jenna, who carried and then
delivered our little Mia only hours before, and I was holding my new granddaughter. I stared at her little face and remembered vividly the day I first held her mother. Jenna had the same sweet little cheeks and she smiled a lot for a newborn. I remember praying over all of my children when they were babies as I quietly held them. I prayed for Jenna to grow strong and do amazing things. I prayed for the man she would one day marry. I had no idea who he was back then, but today I do know my son-in-love Justin, and he is truly the answer to those prayers. And what more amazing thing could Jenna do but become a wife and mother? What higher calling is there?

Then I began to pray for my granddaughter (I like saying that!) as I held her. As I prayed, I suddenly felt like my life was flashing before my eyes. In that instant, I watched my children grow up again. I recalled the good times, the not-so-good times, things I wish I had done differently, and so on. My eyes began to tear up. I focused on Mia again. 

I have no past with her. In her I saw only possibilities. Grand parenting is like having a fresh start or a clean slate (Oops, cliche'). It is powerful! I have the power to completely love and cherish this little miracle. I have the power to spoil her with love and gifts. I have the power to be someone she can look up to and believe in. I believed my maternal grandpa could do anything! He was my hero! My paternal grandpa passed away when I was only five, but I remember what a kind soul he was. I have big grandpa shoes to fill!

While praying I also experienced a perfect storm of love, peace, and joy all at once. It was incredible! I felt so full of love that it almost seemed tangible! That moment was very profound and I hope I always remember it.

The older I get, the more I desire simplicity. Life can be so complicated if we allow it to be. The things that mattered to me and stressed me out before 10:28 am yesterday have now fallen off of my internal radar. None of the trivial trappings of life have the power to negatively affect my life anymore. I am a Grandpa now! As long as I am able to love little Mia Grace, the rest of my beautiful family, and love God and others, I am invincible!

I am Grandpa! Here me roar, "Come, pull my finger!"

Bright blessings,


Cheryl Ray said…
What an awesome story. I felt every word of it. The pull my finger part was a nice ending also. Lolol
Todd R. Vick said…
I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading! Please subscribe at the top of the page!
Frank Fox said…

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