The King's Crown of Grace

Other than Jesus, no biblical figure is as popular and fun to study as David. 

He was anointed as King when he was just a small boy.

He defeated the giant Philistine, Goliath.

David was a popular King. 

David was also a naughty King...

In 2 Samuel 11, we can read the story of how David lusted after a woman named Bathsheba, had her brought to him, got her pregnant, got her husband drunk, and sent him to the front lines of the battlefield where he was killed. King David sinned. He sinned very badly. 

Our society today is obsessed with royalty and celebrities. If Princess Charlotte blows her nose, it is all over the news. Most people cannot name the Vice President of the United States, but they know the Kardashians as if they were their actual family. I'm not upset about that. People like what they like. It is what makes humanity so diverse.

The David and Bathsheba scandal happened around 1,001 B.C. Approximately a quarter of a century later, in 2 Chronicles 7, God is speaking to Solomon, the late King David's son. In verse 17, God says something very odd to the new King. He said, "As for you (Solomon), if you will walk before me as your father David walked...then I will establish your royal throne..."

Say what? Is God off Her rocker? Is He really telling Solomon to find a hot rooftop babe, knock her up, and have her husband killed?

Of course not.

What we are seeing here is grace and forgiveness as only God can give it. In Psalm 51, David poured out his heart in repentance for what he had done. God forgave him, and 25 years later, God doesn't even bring it up again. It is forgotten.

That is how forgiveness is done. Once we forgive, we never bring it up again. The hurt goes behind us where it belongs. We move forward into our destinies, unfettered by the weight of bitterness and unforgiveness. 

God's forgiveness sets us free to be all that we are created to be, untethered to guilt and shame that we no longer have to carry because of Jesus. Grace and forgiveness are thorough and complete. No take-backs!

That sin you committed today, yesterday, or 25 years ago, is long gone and forgotten because of God's marvelous grace!


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