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Book Review: Leatherbound Terrorism by Chris Kratzer

I read this book in two days. Two days. I simply could not put it down. 197 pages of a heartfelt plea that has been on my heart for many years. Unlike Chris Kratzer, I was scared to write it down. It wasn't my book to write.

In Leatherbound Terrorism, Chris Kratzer is a modern day voice of one crying out in the wilderness of white, conservative, Evangelical Christianity, paving the way of the Lord and His grace. I consider Chris a friend and a kindred spirit. For hundred of years, religious legalism has tried to offer the body of Christ all manners of religious tradition, legalism and Bible-thumping, graceless preaching and teaching to solve the problem of sin. Chris pulls no punches in calling out those who have abused the power of the pulpit and politics. He accurately lays out the very things that have rendered the modern church useless and and ineffective.

Chris was a pastor for many years, buried deep inside of the man-made solutions to the spiritual problems of the world. H…

Hey, Christians! Start Enjoying Christmas Again, for Christ's Sake!

“Jesus is the reason for the season.” “Let’s keep CHRIST in Christmas.” “Christmas decorations take the focus off Jesus.” “Santa transposed is really S-A-T-A-N.” “Happy holidays…, uhm Merry Christmas.” “Keep the holy in holiday.” “It’s Christmas, not Xmas.” “Season’s greetings.”
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Christmas is a close second. My wife, Laura, was obviously raised by elves. You can tell by the way she festoons our home inside and out. Think Clark Griswald, but with very good taste!
Every ornament on our tree has a story or special meaning behind it. She puts decorations in places I would not have thought of. The outside is full of festive decorations and lights. In fact, we just tell delivery drivers that they “Can’t miss us.” Yes…we are that house! We love it!
Why can’t other Christians enjoy Christmas? Must we correct every expression of the holiday and boycott anything that falls short of our baseless beliefs? Why are we conditioned to make so much of something t…

Redeeming Donald Trump's Twitter Feed

This past week, America bid a fond farewell to George Herbert Walker Bush, best remembered as our 41st President of the United States. I liked President Bush, personally. His economic policies backfired, but I will never forget the interruption of my TV program in 1991 when President Bush confidently informed us that we had begun Operation Desert Storm and were now at war with Iraq and the inhumane regime of Saddam Hussein. A lot of my friends were there, fighting in what we now call, “Gulf One.” I remember having great respect for our President during that difficult time. He didn’t apologize or make excuses. He laid it out for us Americans. I will never forget that.

Yet as we paid our respects, there are many who took to Social Media insulting the late President, his policies, and his legacy. Why do we always default to hatred? A family lost their father and grandfather. We can't respect that or consider the family during their grief. Where does all this collective hatred spring f…


I have had a condition since childhood. It is a condition that afflicts only the male of the species. I first noticed it as a young lad in Monona, Wisconsin. One day my Aunt Karen Vick said, "Todd. you better close your barn door before your horse gets out." I was puzzled. Did we have a barn? I have never seen a horse in our suburban back yard. She could read my young bewilderment and explained that my zipper was down. My five year old eyes lit up as I realized what was going on. The barn door was my zipper; and the horse (more like pony in my case) was...well you know. That.
Over the next 45 years this condition would flare up, usually at the worst possible moments. Working math problems on the board would create snickers among my classmates as I realized my zipper was down and probably since I left home that morning. Through my teen years, I managed my condition somewhat better, save for the occasional miss. My most notable zipper malfunction was discovered while I was in …

A New Day

Welcome to the new and improved blog! The Word of Todd is now Victory Concepts. I want to tell you why.

When my lifelong chum, Rick, passed away in 2013, I reflected on his legacy for quite awhile. He was an amazing husband, father, and social media consultant. He was all about connection and conversation. I, on the other hand, had been a terrible husband, a substandard father, a lousy friend, and I only used social media to rant. Things were turning around, but it had been a hard road with many burned bridges. 

I began to look at my own legacy and pondered what I would leave behind for my children and someday my grandchildren. I began asking myself, "What is Todd Vick all about?" Do I have something to say? Would anyone listen if I did? How would I say it best?

I am a writer. I always have been. Right now I have 2 book projects going on. The first one is something that has been brewing in my heart and mind for many years. The book is tentatively titled, The Renewing of Your Mi…