National Day of Prayer...Or Politics

I had a very disturbing dream last night. Was it prophetic, or was it because I ate some Goldfish crackers before bed? Frankly, I hope the latter is to blame. Here it is...

We were in a post-apocalyptic world. My family and I somehow survived and were living in a community of other survivors replete with homemade shelters from whatever could be safely scavenged. ISIS was in control, and it was not safe to go anywhere.

The water was poisoned. Food was poisoned. The soil was poisoned. There was literally no way to survive. It was a classic Kobayashi Maru no-win scenario. My hope was in the Lord, but practically speaking, there was no tangible hope in the world I dreamed of. There was nowhere to turn for help. Every second, the potential for capture, death by starvation, or execution existed. This could NOT be happening!

I woke up. I prayed. I hugged my wife as she slept peacefully. I then began to analyze where that dream came from. I am not a hopeless person, I am a "glass-half-full" kinda guy for the most part. Here is what I came up with (disclaimer -- this is NOT a political post. If you MUST render an opinion, keep it civil, please):

  1. As of this week, our two "frontrunner" candidates seem to be Donald Trump, a man who represents the, "Hey, I've got money, so I can do whatever the hell I want," vibe, and Hillary Clinton, who is the focus of not one, but TWO, count 'em, TWO, FBI investigations. What troubles me way more than who the frontrunners are is the nation that cast their votes to make this a reality (assuming our votes somehow DO matter). Not that there was anyone else to choose from in the candidate clown car.
  2. Lately, I am seeing the hashtag, #rejectcapitalism from some young people. I admit I am not entirely sure what this represents, but as a business person and entrepreneur, this platform concerns and confuses me. Philosophically, I believe America is more socialist than capitalist anymore. Don't get me wrong...I like free stuff. Every year I get my FREE Starbucks beverage on my birthday. But it's not really free, is it? I'm not going to wax microeconomics here, but the saying, "There is no free lunch," is unfortunately true whether we like it or not.
It's possible that my subconscious, along with the Goldfish, concocted this dream. I am actually leaning toward that predilection. But what if it was some sort of prophetic apparition? What do I do with it?

Well, I could launch a social media tirade and be ignored or mocked. That is the popular option. I would blend right in with the other gloom-and-doom morons. You know, the ones who said God "had anointed Ted Cruz to be President." Did God change His mind? 

Or, I could simply choose between Clinton or Trump. You know, the "lesser of two evils" approach? Well...that's not gonna happen. 

Or, I could pray. 

Today is the National Day of Prayer. Instead of berating the political candidates with everyone else, I could bathe them in fervent prayer. What if it worked? What if I prayed for America as a nation to come together in agreement that we value our way of life enough to stick together instead of polarizing and boycotting one another. What if that worked? Yesterday, my wife shopped at Target AND used the bathroom. Guess what happened????

Nothing. The world didn't end. God didn't strike her down. She went about the rest of her day being her usual sweet self.

What if we prayed for everyone we disagree with? What if we found every challenge as an opportunity to love God and love others? What if, instead of boycotting Target, we showered it in prayer, even prayer-walking the aisles? Is it possible that God would hear such prayers and be compelled to move?

Well, is it? 

Look, loved one, this is not a political post. This is a prayer post. Starting with me. I am going to stop participating in the boycotting and flippant remarks. I'm going to stop supporting those who do with a "Like or Share" or a "re-tweet." In fact, I am going to keep my opinions to myself, where they belong. I am going to ask you to consider joining me in this notion of prayer above politics. I want to impact the world I live in in a positive, loving way. I want to reject rejection and show Jesus' true love to a world that needs Him, whether they acknowledge it or not. I know I need Him. I can't fix anything, really, but I can speak to the One who died to fix all of this already. 

It's time to face the hard truth, friend, God loves Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Osama bin Laden, Caitlyn Jenner, Al Sharpton, and even Todd Vick whether you do or not. As the old gospel song says, "When He was on the cross, we were all on His mind." Do we even believe something so radical anymore? Can we? Will our prejudices allow us to? What will we do with this marvelous truth? 

I believe dreams can come true. Honestly, I didn't like my dream last night. If there is a "plan B," I'll take it. A world of hopelessness and death is not what I want. I want my children and someday grandchildren to inherit a world better than that. Now that is a big dream. 

It starts with prayer. Right here, right now. Will you dare? 

The longer you wait, the less likely it is that you will do it at all. 

Pray, loved one. Pray right now. It is very likely our last hope. Maybe, maybe not, but what have really got to lose by praying?

I guess we could trust in politics...since that has worked so well for us.


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