Facebook Fast, Day 6

All is well. I have had at least three moments where I wanted to take, "just one little peek," but have remained committed to the fast. I need it. Facebook just isn't fun for me anymore. There was too much pressure to post for everyone but myself. When I posted for myself, people close to me got mad. Ahhh, life in the Social Media fast lane...will surely make you lose your mind (Vick/Eaglesism).

In the non-Facebook moments, I have been getting reacquainted with a few people who I have lost touch with. A few close friends and family members, to be sure, but also with Todd R.Vick the writer. I haven't seen or heard from him in quite awhile.

Aside from my blog, I haven't written a word in "Purple Lilacs" in almost a year. I am not sure why. The novel calls to me every single day, "Write, Todd. Write!" I am missing something, though. I used to have a few things which were my impetus to sit down and write. I recently re-read an interview I did a couple of years ago when my writing career seemed to be moving forward quickly. I remembered some of those things that used to drive me to the proverbial typewriter. Silly things, but they worked!Perhaps they will again.

Writing was fun for me at that time. I had a couple of negative experiences with local publications in 2011, and I guess it just stopped being fun for a bit. Moreover, I feel the chances of me being published are getting smaller each day. The voices in my head are telling me that no one wants to read my novel. It's weak. It's lame. It's cheesy (but I love cheese, being from Wisconsin and all).

I guess it has come down to a battle of wits between me and the evil voices in my head. I will prevail, since, "Greater is He that is in me than the evil voices in my head." Slight paraphrase FTW.

Hmmm...maybe I am going to enjoy this Facebook Fast after all!

Write, Todd! Write!


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