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Facebook fast, Day 20

Has it already been 20 days? I have hardly noticed. I was tempted to get on this past week because I needed to reach a couple of folks to get their mailing addresses. It can wait 10 more days.

This time off has really been nice. I miss the professional connections, but I'm sure they will be there when I come back. I am also looking forward to "seeing" my friends again.

Right now I am gearing up for final exams for my students, reading their papers, and looking forward to my summer class. It's hard to believe I have been teaching for 2 years now. I absolutely love it.

I will also be resuming my own studies this summer. I am looking forward to it.

Facebook Fast, Day 6

All is well. I have had at least three moments where I wanted to take, "just one little peek," but have remained committed to the fast. I need it. Facebook just isn't fun for me anymore. There was too much pressure to post for everyone but myself. When I posted for myself, people close to me got mad. Ahhh, life in the Social Media fast lane...will surely make you lose your mind (Vick/Eaglesism).

In the non-Facebook moments, I have been getting reacquainted with a few people who I have lost touch with. A few close friends and family members, to be sure, but also with Todd R.Vick the writer. I haven't seen or heard from him in quite awhile.

Aside from my blog, I haven't written a word in "Purple Lilacs" in almost a year. I am not sure why. The novel calls to me every single day, "Write, Todd. Write!" I am missing something, though. I used to have a few things which were my impetus to sit down and write. I recently re-read an interview I did a co…