Annual Turkey Day Post

So here we are again. Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Every year, I post what I am thankful for. The list really hasn't changed, so I am going to try a different format this year. Lately I have been writing some notes on a book project I want to write for my children. The book is tentatively titled, Things Daddy Has Learned. One of the things I am thankful for is knowledge, and each day I learn something new.

However, I have learned a lot, and I thought I would pontificate a bit on what I have learned right here on my blog. Enjoy!
  • As often as you can, watch the sun rise and set.
  • Relish the first sip of coffee in the morning. Close your eyes, sip, and feel it go through your body.
  • People will always disappoint you. Even if they don't mean to.
  • Cherish the small things. Celebrate them.
  • You don't have to be perfect. You just have be you.
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say. When necessary, use words.
  • Do what you love, and get paid for it.
  • Listen to the birds chirping. They are serenading you. 
  • Always, always, always tip your servers. They depend on it.
  • Learn a new word every day.
  • Surround yourself with people who make you feel inferior. Then become better than them.
  • Take excellent care of your teeth.
  • Exercise. Start a plan and never stop.
  • Give jazz a try. Live jazz is a good way to start.
  • People in bars are nicer than people in church. 
  • Cry when you need to. 
  • Laugh. Out loud. A lot.
  • Be open-minded, but not so much that your brain falls out.
  • People, including you, make decisions based upon what they know. Increase your knowledge all the time so that you can make excellent decisions.
  • Take the time to know yourself.
  • Try new things. Don't be afraid.
  • Take risks, but only for yourself and no one else.
  • After you have been mentored, mentor someone.
  • Expect nothing from anyone, and give of yourself to everyone.
Happy Holidays!


Lydia said…
I always walk away from The Word of Todd having learn something, even if it is an abstract such as a way to think of life. Thank you especially for this Turkey Day Post!
James said…
Nice list. Thoughtful, profound. I cannot wait for the book!

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