Head Spinning...(but in a good way)

So much has happened this week, it is hard to focus. I am trying. Good stuff all around. I sometimes use my blog to not only share things with you, the gentle reader, but I also use it to process life happenings.

1)  Several weeks ago I posted a blog about my realization that teaching is where my heart is. I detailed the realigning of my educational focus and my hot pursuit of my new career goal. Out of the clear blue on Wednesday morning, I get a call from Midlands Technical College about teaching a Computers in Health Science class on Monday and Wednesday nights for the summer. Okay, it's not Creative Writing or English Literature, but it IS a foot in the door, and Adjunct Faculty is going to really look good on my Curriculum Vitae. Thanks to P. Melton for the recommendation and for helping get started earlier than expected on my teaching career.

2) In 1986, I scored a 700 on my SAT. 700. 390 English, 310 Math. Pathetic. Because I was a Music Education Major during my first college try, I was able to move past the poor score. I don't test well and I suck at Math. Today I learned that my son Cody scored a 1330! I am so proud I could bust. Not only that, but he got his first job this past week. Watching him grow up has been such a trip! I could not be more proud.

3) I am excited about my career at Jamestown Coffee. I love this business. I love learning and I love making coffee drinks and I love our staff and I love the 1607 Dark Roast!  Maybe one day I will have my own Jamestown Franchise. I am so grateful for my job.

4) For the last 8 months, every night (when I actually sleep) I have dreamed that I was at a KISS concert. I am not exaggerating. Nearly EVERY night for 8 months. Not sure what it all means, but last night I dreamed I met the members of Fleetwood Mac. Maybe I am struggling with turning 43 this year. Maybe I am weary of much of the overproduced cotton candy music of today. Maybe I need to pick up the guitar again. Maybe I am slowly going mad. Thoughts?

5) I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues, health issues, and stuff. This past week, some positive steps were taken. I am starting to feel a little better. However, I am still a jerk when I am driving, and I am still convinced that everyone is on drugs. Maybe it's the Jamestown Coffee kicking in...

More as the story develops.


Anonymous said…
Perhaps you could combine picking guitar again with going mad, and be the mad guitarist of Leesville. (Sounds like a good plot for an old black&white "B" movie, eh?)

Anonymous said…
Oh, BTW, regarding the health issues, I hope this will encourage you:
Today at 4:30p it will be 1 year since I learned that the biopsy showed no sign of cancer! If God can heal me from cancer (and He did, praise God!), He will also take care of you. Just love Him, have faith in Him, cry out to Him! God loves you, and so do I!

Love ya, bro!
Paula Faye said…
Congrats on a super exciting week. WOA on Cody!

Hope you'll enjoy teaching my class but remember ... I am gonna need it back in August. Thanks for being my summer sub.

Drugs, RocknRoll and too much coffee? All jobs have their positives and negatives. tee,hee.
Caryn Kirk said…
Dream Moods says dreaming about watching or performing with a band signifies a sense of community or belonging. Sounds about right!!

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