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Head Spinning...(but in a good way)

So much has happened this week, it is hard to focus. I am trying. Good stuff all around. I sometimes use my blog to not only share things with you, the gentle reader, but I also use it to process life happenings.

1)  Several weeks ago I posted a blog about my realization that teaching is where my heart is. I detailed the realigning of my educational focus and my hot pursuit of my new career goal. Out of the clear blue on Wednesday morning, I get a call from Midlands Technical College about teaching a Computers in Health Science class on Monday and Wednesday nights for the summer. Okay, it's not Creative Writing or English Literature, but it IS a foot in the door, and Adjunct Faculty is going to really look good on my Curriculum Vitae. Thanks to P. Melton for the recommendation and for helping get started earlier than expected on my teaching career.

2) In 1986, I scored a 700 on my SAT. 700. 390 English, 310 Math. Pathetic. Because I was a Music Education Major during my first coll…

Applied Wisdom

This is going to be one of those, "I've been thinking about something lately" posts. I do these from time to time just to download stuff I ponder. I have been thinking a lot about wisdom for the last couple of weeks. Mind you, it is not my own wisdom I have been pondering. Rather, I have been pondering wisdom I have received from others over the years. One pearl was given to me in 1995 by a dear man named Al Bozard. He was my mentor in the ministry when I first started out. I truly loved that man and anything he shared with me, especially pertaining to ministry, I soaked up like a thirsty sponge.

One day he said, "Todd, listen very carefully." I was totally tuned in. "Todd," he said, "no pastor ever came to the end of his life saying he wished he'd spent more time at the office. Whatever you do, never sacrifice your family for your ministry." Out of all the advice I was given by great men like Rev. Bozard, this nugget was one I worked re…