People PMS?

Having grown up in a house full of women, I know all about PMS. This week it seems like EVERYONE has it.  Was going to ask a friend for some help and was met with an unusually "grouchified" reply because technology beat me to the punch. All good. Stuff happens. People have bad days. I know about those too.

This past week my novel was critiqued by my classmates and I received some wonderful feedback. This novel is important to me, and I want it to be great. The feedback helped me toward that goal. So I logged into a forum outside of the class discussion and thanked my classmates for offering some excellent feedback. Apparently I broke some "rule" of the Writer's Workshop by offering my thanks after the fact, according to a classmate who emailed the professor in protest. The typical response to "Thank you," is generally, "You're welcome." This etiquette should apply to Writer's Workshop as well. We call that "good manners" in the real world.

There are more examples, but what is the point? I try to be nice, and people respond as if I am interfering with their lives or something. Is it that time of the month for EVERYBODY? Please take a pill or something and save your grumpiness for the people who drive slow in the fast lane. I am one of the good guys.

Maybe I am just too sensitive.

Some day off. I can't wait to get back to work.


Heather Babes said…
I took my Midol. :)
Alan said…
Todd, I hope it was not me... I've been a little testy lately. tee hee, I said little testy.

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