Sun Day Random Ruminations

Greetings from the booming town of Leesville, SC. On this beautiful Springlike day, I have a few random thoughts that I need to dispose of. Enjoy!
  • I am sick of the whole Tiger Woods thing. Sick of it. SICK of it. In other words, I am too busy getting on with my own life to indulge the media's Tiger obsession any longer. He screwed up, he apologized; good day and good night.
  • I just don't get NASCAR. It's not my thing. If it's you're thing, then that's cool. They do put on quite a program. I elect not to watch it, however. Don't hate.
  • I am so ready to get back into the routine of online school. March 1, I am back in. Ordered my books today. I am a big giant sponge ready to soak up all the knowledge!
  • I love Spring. It is a very beautiful time of year.
  • I hate Spring. My allergies go to DefCon 5.
  • I miss football season.
  • I hope I get a new job soon. Two interviews this week!
  • I wish my laptop would come home soon.
  • Jillian Michaels is really hot, but what man could handle her?
  • My friend Frank Fomby remembers a Karl Malden joke that I told in 1982. He said it still makes him laugh. Should I be troubled by this?
  • I am seriously craving pizza today. Maybe the wife will let me make a run to Hungry Howies tonight. It would be an easier sell if I had a full time job...
  • I seriously need a road trip outside of SC.
  • I wish Jamestown Coffee would hurry up and open.
  • People on Twitter are nicer than people in church. Just sayin'.
  • I am going to totally update/redo my website tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by!


James said…
The Karl Malden jokes rings a bell. Do share.
Heather Babes said…

Jillian Michaels is hot? Really??

She yells.... she has a dude face.

And I had pizza tonight :) ha! LOL
test said…
There were actually a couple of them. He did a nice job. I remember it as if it were yesterday.

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