Balance and Learning to Roll

The older I get, the more I realize that life is all about balance. I have lived my life by extremes for a long time. I have been extremely left and extremely right. I have been "name it and claim it," and "Thy will be done." I have gone from fired up to fizzled out. To live this way is very draining emotionally, mentally, physically and even spiritually.

As a believer, I am often frustrated at how God answers prayer or how He seemingly doesn't; at least not the way I wanted. Why do some people live while others die? Why do some have while others have not? Questions like these have befuddled my tiny mind for years. Frankly, they have stressed me out and led me to become very depressed at times.

Furthermore, I have gone through seasons of prosperity as well as seasons of struggle. It would seem that it is not possible to have one without having the other. For months, due to the economy and being laid off, my wife and I have struggled to stay "above water" financially. Earlier this month, we received a pretty decent tax refund. We were able to catch up some things, pay off some things, and have a balance greater than $0.00 at the bank. It has been a nice feeling.

Yesterday, my truck started making some noises that lead me to believe that the transmission may be on its deathbed. Just when things were going great, another calamity comes along.


Things happen. Good things, bad things. The truck will be fixed, but we may have to scrape and struggle again for a bit. The fact is, I am tired of stressing over it. Life happens. It just does. I have to learn to roll with it.

I am not a materially wealthy person. However, I am not destitute either. I have what I need for today. I will deal with tomorrow, well, tomorrow. Today,I have food, shelter, love, and warmth. I have much to be thankful for.

Somewhere inside of all of this stuff is a happy medium. A middle ground that can be achieved by patience and practice and learning to accept the good with the bad.



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