10 Quirky Things About Me

We all have our little quirks. Some of us have quirks that are quirkier than others. Furthermore, some of us are DEFINED by our quirks. I will share with the reader my most popular and perhaps least well-known quirks. There will not be a quiz at the end.
  1. I absotively, posilutely hate waiting in line for any reason whatsoever.
  2. Misspelled words and typos on any marquis or sign make me very angry.
  3. People who type in ALL CAPS make me very angry.
  4. When I write, I have to have coffee in my Daffy Duck mug.
  5. The movie 1408 inspires my creativity. I do not know why.
  6. I only shave when it is absolutely necessary.
  7. I am a closet hippie.
  8. For the last 14 months, I have had the strangest compulsion to move to Philadelphia.
  9. I think Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the greatest actors of my generation.
  10. Seeing The Who on the Superbowl halftime show actually gave me chills. Pete Townshend is such an amazing and insightful songwriter.


George said…
Todd R. Vick said…
LOL! You always crack me up, Dook!
Paula Faye said…
#1 ... Seriously?
#10 AGREE!
Anonymous said…
The misspelled word in #2 is irony, right?
Caryn Kirk said…
There are no misspelled words in #2. Todd, I vindicate thee. And I concur. I frequently stop and fix apostrophes on signs. It's compulsive.
James said…
You are a walking miasma of quirks, my friend.
James said…
RE: #2: The Marquis de Lafayette often often walked around munching on a misspelled bagette.

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