Thanksgiving Eve Oh Nine

This is the time each year where I pause and offer thanks. I have many things to be thankful for. Family, friends, work, rekindled passions and dreams, and many possibilities ahead.

As I ponder the seemingly infinite number of things I am grateful for, I feel led to look back. It seems the older I get, the more I appreciate my memories. There was a time when I despised Thanksgiving. It seemed that every year someone (usually my father) would get drunk and cause trouble. Or someone would be offended by something someone else did or said or didn't do or say, and arguments would abound. Now that I am older, I realize that these things didn't happen as often as they seemed to, and there are some things that I really miss from Thanksgiving past.

I miss the smell of my Grandma and Grandpa Redders' house on Thanksgiving. My grandma was a genius in the kitchen. She cooked and baked mostly from scratch, and sometimes I would be privileged to help or at least watch her in action. She would actually stuff the Turkey and it always came out perfect. The way she prepared her Ham was an art form and it would cause the taste buds to get up and do the Charleston. The table was set perfectly, and I will never forget the year I graduated from the "Kids' Table" to the "Grown Up Table." I remember the red and green apple rings, as well as the olive and pickle tray. Grandma's stuffing was amazing, and she baked her pies from scratch. Good eating and good times!

All of my grandparents are gone now. I miss them all profoundly. My grandparents were precious to me. They always will be.

Tomorrow we will be having Thanksgiving dinner at my older sister Terri's house. Terri spent a lot of time with Grandma in her kitchen growing up, and it shows. When I eat Terri's cooking, it tastes almost exactly as if Grandma's hands prepared it through her. I look forward to Thanksgiving every year now, and it gives me joy to be with family and witness the legacy passed down to us from Mom, Dad, and the grandparents.

I wish the very same for all of my children. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


George said…
Happy Thanksgiving, old pal. Try to restrain yourself arounf that olive and pickle tray.
Rick said…
Yum. Apple rings.
James said…
Sounds like an excellent plan! Give my ex-baby sitter my best.

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