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Todd's Box O' Joy

I had one of many conversations with James last night at what we have affectionately dubbed, "The Satellite Office." I could tell you where it is, but then we'd have to eliminate you, or, we would simply make you buy a round.

The conversation was about an article in Esquire where the writer lists 25 things that give him joy and then something about putting them all in a box. I did not actually read said article, you see. I prefer GQ or Men's Health over Esquire. The discussion began to actually churn my creative and grateful juices, but after our discussion, it was time to leave, as we had once again closed the Satellite Office with a few other stragglers.

This morning I read a nice post by my buddy Alan about some of his favorite things. After reading his list, I felt inspired to put down a few items of my own that give me great joy. After a brutal summer and 3 weeks of unemployment, it has been such a relief to be working again, and not having to panic about lack of …