Autumn Reflections

According to the calendar, summer is officially over. According to the SC calendar, summer will probably linger for a few more weeks.

I am not sure what it is, exactly, but deep down in my innermost being, I feel that there is spirit of freshness breaking forth. I am at a loss to describe it any other way. I just feel that good things are around the corner, and that positive changes are coming.

My favorite time of year is Autumn. I love the coolness of the morning and the warm evenings. I love the way the leaves change color and the gnat population begins to dwindle. When the leaves wither, dry up and fall to the ground, it means that the tree is discarding the old in order to make room for the new.

Again, I don't know why I feel so hopeful right now. I just do. In reality, things have been tough in my household since June. Money has been scarce, and jobs that pay well have not availed themselves to me. My family is stressed. I am stressed.

Yet there is hope. For the first time in many years, I feel like I am on the correct path. It is a path I have been on before but made some wrong turns and lost my way. Lately, I have rediscovered this path. There are many dead fallen leaves on this path, representing years of wasted opportunities and bad choices. My path is once again opening itself and inviting me to walk down it again. It is a path barely trodden, and it clearly beckons me.

This time, I aim to remain on the path, no matter what.


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