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Gone Too Soon, Staying Too Long, Gone Too Far

I have so much running in my head right now, I don't know where to start. I am a flood of emotions this week. I know I am far from being alone in this regard. Something out of character happened to me 30 minutes ago. I wept...hard. I just broke, man. It all came out. All the emotions of the past week came pouring out in a river of sorrow and joy. I will list the events and briefly comment on each. I seem to work well off of lists. Lets me begin with last Friday and work to today. The longest 7 day stretch I remember ever having.

Friday, June 19:
I received a call from Mom telling me that one of my youth minister friends from the Chapel of Rejection was arrested due to allegations from 5 boys in his youth group of misconduct. He is a dear friend of mine and Tracy's. When I was on staff there, he and I would crack each other up at every staff gathering or meeting. My kids all spent the night at he and his wife's home for lock-ins. Thankfully, they had nothing nega…