Random Ruminations/Soapboxing

  • I think our Governor is an idiot. No wonder SC is a laughing stock. I was helping Jenna study for a test about post-Civil War SC the other day, and I am not surprised to discover that the mindset here hasn't changed much at all in the last 145 years. I think SC needs more Yankees. Just sayin...
  • My wife has adopted yet another stray dog. Anyone looking for a new pet?
  • People who abandon puppies should be punished to the full extent of the law.
  • If it weren't for Pandora, I would never survive sitting at a desk all day long. Kudos to whoever created Pandora.com.
  • I just might be married way, way, WAY out of my league. Tracy is awesome. I am not.
  • I am not really passionate about anything anymore. That troubles me.
  • On the flipside, I can't really find anything to BE passionate about.
  • I wish I had more time/energy to blog. Lots of stuff rolling around in my with no outlet.
  • My job is cool, but i miss being a Technician.
  • I miss Norm, Dan, and Frank. We were a good team. At work AND at play!
  • I love Springtime!
  • I hate Springtime!


Rick said…
I like Sanford. For whatever faults, he has been the same person ever since getting elected. He has always erred on the side of being cheap - and honestly, that's not a bad thing for most of us. It might bite that some of this will be short-term ugly, but it might not be so wrong long-term. There will be plenty of time for someone else to spend lots of money that out grandkids will pay back years down the road.
Steve said…
I don't know a great deal about Sanford. I know he was one of the few Rep's swept in in '94 that promised to only stay 2 terms in Congress (the "Contract with America" folks) who actually honored his promise. I'm with Rick.
James said…
Sanford? Fred G? "G" as in "Governor?"
Paula Faye said…
I am with you Todd. The Gov has to go. I have never been a fan as I could smell a con from the get go. While I whole heartedly support the idea of being frugal and think our country is in the shape it is in because of Creditors, check into cash and title loan cribs taking advantage of the uneducated and under privileged he's a fake. He doesn't walk the talk. He has never shopped at Wal-Mart even though they claim thats where their clothing comes from. I have had the fortune of working with the last three first ladies on some very important State wide initiative. Lady being an operative word .. the first two were 100% without a doubt what they appeared the be. The current ... she doesn't even try. She is nothing more than a full blooded debutante Princess who does little aside from looking down her nose at anyone less fortunate, less educated or "heavier" than herself. Southern hospitality is NOT her forte ... Girl can't even fake nice. They need to get their noses out of the air and into a Bible is all I am saying ....

She knows what I am talking about .......
Caryn said…
The stimulus bill is passed, the money is spent, the debt is what it is for better for for worse. Enacted by the Congress and president that the entire country elected. Every American therefore deserves the intended benefit of the stimulus. Obviously Sanford's got the power to refuse it, but I think it's a moral outrage. Todd, I'm with ya on this one.

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