Post Easter Post

Back to work today. Kids are all back at school minus one who had a doctor's appointment today. Today is Tracy's birthday, and she is spending it running kids to and from doctors. It doesn't seem fair.

We celebrated her b-day last night with the family, and I am going to save my birthday celebration for her for this upcoming no-kids weekend.

I am depressed. Not because it's Monday, but because yesterday was Easter, and I could have cared less. For years, my whole year centered around Resurrection Sunday. All my sermon planning, etc., was to lead up to Easter in a huge crescendo.

This year: nothing.

I'm troubled.


Rick said…
Chuck said…
With everything you have been through? I can understand.

So, how are you serving Him now?
Martha said…
I went to an easter egg hunt Saturday with my sister, brother in law, and niece at their church. Before the hunt, they had a puppet show for the kids. However, it was a great message as the little story emphasized that we don't need to bring anything to the egg hunt or to Easter. Jesus' love is offered for each of us and there is nothing we need to bring.

So for you my friend Todd, I hope you will not be troubled even though I can see how it would be a let down in a way for you. We don't have to bring anything to the "hunt", and you don't need to bring anything either. Just know that you are the recipient of Jesus' love and redemption :).

Caryn said…
Sounds like your patterns are just changing. So what if you have a crescendo or not? Jesus didn't ask for a holiday. I would think that quietly celebrating every moment where we feel small sparks of redemption would be better than a big to-do on the official holiday. A bunch of tiny Easters so to speak. As a matter of fact, I like that! Tiny little Easters, all year!

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