Blame It On Brainwashing

Years ago, a Pastor friend of mine used the illustration of a coffeemaker to describe how we receive knowledge and instruction. Basically, when the water enters the machine, it is clear and uncolored. It is simply water.

As the water is processed through the coffee in the filter, it turns brown. It is not what was originally poured into the coffeemaker. It is now something else: coffee.

The fact that I love coffee nullifies this illustration for me personally! Seriously though, Pastor Mike had a good point, that we receive knowledge and then it filters through what we have been taught and indoctrinated in. In other words, we don't accept the knowledge for what it is; we must filter it through our belief system. Basically, we are talking about a form of brainwashing.

The surviving Somalian pirate's family is stating that he had been brainwashed, and this is why he became a pirate. Say it with me, "Aarrrrgh!"

Children in the Congo are kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming soldiers. KKK children are taught to hate as soon as they are born. It happens everywhere, and sometimes it is less obvious.

I have been brainwashed too. Many times, and in a variety of ways. Too many to mention here. But I will offer one. I have been taught to hate gay people. I did, too, with extreme prejudice. Until I met one. And then another. And yet another. I discovered that there was a real person under the gay.

I'm not here to defend gay or anti-gay. I'm here to say that we should make it a point to try and see people for who and what they are BEFORE we run them through our "filters" and pass judgement.

I once pastored a man who hated black people. He made no apology for it, and dropped N-bombs when and where he pleased. His wife used to say, "That's just the way he is." No, that's the way he has been brainwashed to be, and now he is brainwashing his offspring to do the same.

Personally, I have spent the last 5 years trying to wash my brain of all the brainwashing and begin again.

By the way, why wasn't the pirate allowed into the movie?

Because it was rated "Aarrgh!"

I apologize.


Minion said…
Let me get this straight! You used to hate gay people, but now you think they make good coffee?
Todd said…
You always twist my words you homophobic gay-bashing, diet coke vs. coffee drinking racist bigot southerner! :)
Minion said…
HHHHEEEEYYYYY!...........i like coffee.
Paula Faye said…
Great Post T!
Minion said…
Oh yeah.... i love the way you put the smiley face at the end of you long list of insults! That's hilarious! :)
Alan said…
Everyone knows that gay men make the best coffee. By the way, I can relate to what you say, Todd. All prejudice is learned behaviour, of which I learned (and unlearned) a lot. Seems to me that the more exposure I give to this sheltered brain, the less prejudice and, yes I'll say it, hatred I have for my fellow man. Sounds like a certain jewish carpenter I know.

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