Stuff I Think You Should Know

Full disclosure is what we're all about here at ye olde blog. Obviously, you should get your money's worth here. The reader should have all the information in order to make an informed decision about whether or not he/she wishes to continue visiting Todd's Word.

With this in mind, I am beginning a regular column which I have dubbed, "Stuff I Think You Should Know." The column will appear..., well, when I feel there's something you should know. Let's begin:
  • I will drive out of the way for decent jazz or a great cup of coffee.
  • Over the last 5 years, I have become more liberal (if we must assign a label).
  • I hate labels. I label them under "Crap."
  • I can blow my nose in 3 octaves.
  • Racism of any sort is wrong. If I hate racists, does that make ME a racist?
  • Next to Star Trek, I believe the X-Files and Ally McBeal were some of the greatest TV shows ever made.
  • I really like Oprah. I like her vision for creating a better world. And I also like the fact that she puts her money where her mouth is. Don't care for the show, though, and I detest Dr. Phil.
  • Most of today's music is crap to me. I like Pink, Kanye West, and Nickelback, but in small doses and only in certain phases of the moon.
  • "Bathroom Humor" really tickles me. Always has. Always will. I gave up asking why.
  • I am honored to be called friend by so many people.
  • When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Dad. It is still the best job I've ever had.
  • I am a more spiritual person than I am a Christian. There is more out there. So much more. It is overwhelming and yet wonderful.
  • Bruce Lee was way ahead of his time. His thoughts on philosophy are mind-blowing.
  • I think President Obama is the coolest president ever.
Full disclosure, people--that's what we're all about. Keeping you informed is our number one job.


Rick said…
And yet none of these answer your own life question: "why?"
Todd said…
I like to leave my public hanging.

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