Point of Clarity

My lovely wife made it clear to me that in my last post, I was a little too vague regarding my self-describing as a "Spiritual person rather than a Christian." Upon further review, I agree that some sort of clarity needs to be made.

For me, right now, being a Christian simply means doing this and not doing that or living a certain way on a certain day of the week and then choosing to live another way the rest of the week and then to be even more entirely different when no one else is watching. (pauses to catch breath and reflect on my horrible grammar here--my apologies to Mad Ox and Mr. Orgel).

People are all about trying to live the "Spirit-filled" life, which translates into a great deal of performance, tongue speaking, and floor flopping from my vantage point. I am learning to try and embrace the spiritual side of life, without the fluff, and I am learning that other people are picking up on what the Christian church is missing entirely. So I am seeking the spiritual. Where I go from here is not yet written. But I know God is Spirit, and I am looking for the Spirit and Truth.

Hope this clarifies things.


Rick said…

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