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Month End

It seems I have reached the end of March with very little time for blogging. I regret this, not just for the benefit of both of my reader/fans, but that I have much to blog about, but little time.

Today I am under the weather. Chest cold or something. Lots of coughing and headaches from coughing.

More to follow...

Week End

So...what a week. I had a great week at work, and I am excited about some changes I have made in my educational direction. I am going to pursue an MBA in Technology Management through the University of Phoenix. It will be all done online. I have realized that I am tired of going to class after working all day. I have done it for years. It's not that I can't keep up. I am just ready for a change. Anyway, I'm pumped.

I have also caught up with a few more pals on Facebook. Some I not seen or heard from in awhile.

Gotta go. My weekend is here!

Point of Clarity

My lovely wife made it clear to me that in my last post, I was a little too vague regarding my self-describing as a "Spiritual person rather than a Christian." Upon further review, I agree that some sort of clarity needs to be made.

For me, right now, being a Christian simply means doing this and not doing that or living a certain way on a certain day of the week and then choosing to live another way the rest of the week and then to be even more entirely different when no one else is watching. (pauses to catch breath and reflect on my horrible grammar here--my apologies to Mad Ox and Mr. Orgel).

People are all about trying to live the "Spirit-filled" life, which translates into a great deal of performance, tongue speaking, and floor flopping from my vantage point. I am learning to try and embrace the spiritual side of life, without the fluff, and I am learning that other people are picking up on what the Christian church is missing entirely. So I am seeking the s…

Stuff I Think You Should Know

Full disclosure is what we're all about here at ye olde blog. Obviously, you should get your money's worth here. The reader should have all the information in order to make an informed decision about whether or not he/she wishes to continue visiting Todd's Word.

With this in mind, I am beginning a regular column which I have dubbed, "Stuff I Think You Should Know." The column will appear..., well, when I feel there's something you should know. Let's begin:
I will drive out of the way for decent jazz or a great cup of coffee.Over the last 5 years, I have become more liberal (if we must assign a label).I hate labels. I label them under "Crap."I can blow my nose in 3 octaves.Racism of any sort is wrong. If I hate racists, does that make ME a racist?Next to Star Trek, I believe the X-Files and Ally McBeal were some of the greatest TV shows ever made.I really like Oprah. I like her vision for creating a better world. And I also like the fact tha…

Much Ado About Nothing

That is what my blog has become.

Once a bastion of religious and political commentary, my blog has become dull and boring. I have never wanted to a a single-issue blog. I have always sought after variety regarding subject matter. Lately there just hasn't been much for me to blog about.

I have often hesitated to share my personal predilections when it comes to hot-button topics like politics and religion. I choose to keep these things quiet for two reasons:

1. My opinions and bents are mine and mine alone.
2. Opening up on such topics seems to invite discord from people who are not like-minded, and frankly, I just don't want or need to hear it.

So you see, dear reader, I am struggling with where to go from here. Should I open up and reap the whirlwind, or just stick to the cutesy material? What do you think? Leave a comment and put your $.02 in. Go ahead. I don't bite.