Wings, Football, Springsteen and BFFs

A fine evening watching the first half of Super Bowl 43 at Carolina Wings in West Columbia. Personally, I could care less about either team that played. I just enjoyed a good time with great friends and food.

In the top photo, Catoe and I are strategizing for our next Guitar Hero challenge.

The other photo contains 200 collective years of wisdom, fun, and ploys. I wouldn't trade anything for this group of friends. From L to R: George, Peeley, Catoe, Rickwell, and me. Noticeably missing from the photo are Jay, Alan, Ritter, and Chuck. Hope we can all pose for the next photo. After everyone left, I did manage to catch a couple songs during Springsteen's halftime show. The Boss delivered!

Interesting final thought: with Jay, Alan, Ritter and Chuck in the photo, there would be, collectively, 360 years of wisdom, fun, and ploys...and a few cigars.


Rick said…
Top photo: Our waiter, who did a phenomenal job, appears to be waiting for a tip. He should've asked the 200-yrs of wisdom below.
Steve said…
Sorry I missed it, pal. One of these days...
Caryn said…
Jay's got such an awesome crowd of guy pals back in SC... wish I could personally deliver him to your club meetings. Without an airplane required.

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