Random Ruminating XLIII

I'm tired of being unemployed. Seriously. I once believed when I obtained my college degree that I would be set for life. Frankly, I'm a tad upset at being underqualified, overqualified, and just not quite experienced enough.

I receive no less than three job offers a day inviting me to sell life insurance. No thanks. Unemployment pays better.

My children are all growing up way too fast. For me, not them.

I love my wife very much. I recall a time when I was afraid of being single in my old age. We have had a tough 5 years. Things are good right now. I want them to stay this way.

I wonder what I ever did to deserve such a great circle of friends.

I really need a haircut. Or do I go for the grunge look...?

I recently updated my Rhapsody account to the latest version. In doing so, my playlists and library got totally flubbed up. Example:

Song - Rock and Roll All Nite
Artist - Anne Murray.

My Rhapsody update also wiped out my iPod wishlist consisting of over 300 songs which I spent a year putting together. Grrrr.

I miss my kickboxing class. I suppose there's always my wife's TAE-BO videos for now.

WalMart in Batesburg has all the Bruce Lee movies packaged for only $14.97. Sweet.


Steve said…
Who would win, Billy Blades from Tae Bo or Bruce Lee?
Todd said…
I'd have to go with the Dragon.

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