One FLU Over The Cuckoo's Nest

I am home with a flu bitten child today. It's not like I have anywhere else to be, but I am glad I can be here to take of the lad. Makes his Mom happy too! Mr. Moms everywhere can just eat their hearts out! Hoo-ah!

Having said that, what I would really like is a job. A career. Some place where a guy like me can put his nose to the grindstone and push forward at full speed, stopping for coffee every now and again. Is that so much to ask? In today's recession/depression/pre-economic stimulus era? Yes.

It is pretty sad that at the end of yesterday, my greatest accomplishment was that I recorded Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan onto my DVR. Now I can watch 2 and 3 back to back! I still would rather have a job. I am going stir crazy. I have many hooks in the career water. I'm just waiting for a bite.

A nibble, perhaps?

Strangely, as I typed the above words, I got a call about a job. Phone interview tomorrow. Cool.


Rick said…
Very cool. Very very cool.

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