No Wonder

I have always loved the music of Stevie Wonder. "For Once In My Life" is one of my all time faves. I am delighted to see that we have honored his acheivements accordingly.

Manilow is next...or so I hope.


Paula Faye said…
I saw Stevie in Concert last year in Charlotte. It was FABULOUS!! By far one of the most memorable moments of my life was when his daughter walked him out on stage. I seriously could not catch my breath ... WOW! He has always been my favorite.
Paula Faye said…
BTW: Sir Duke is the best song EVER!!

Getting my Ipod out now and of course I have an entire Stevie play list with 120-ish songs. ha,ha.
Todd said…
I may still be the only perosn on earth with out an iPod. I did, however, just create a Motown station on So there! :P
Todd said…
Interesting. Changed from Motown to Funk and Sir Duke played first.

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