The New Gig

The new job is going very well so far. I really think I may have found my final resting place, so to speak. The picture to the left reflects the condition my workstation was in when I arrived on the job. To the very left is a coffee mug that was never washed. Upon opening the mug, I believe I witnessed the birth of an alien life form. Cup and entity were promptly jettisoned.

I am a neat freak. Hence the "after" photo. I cleaned and dusted off my desk with a vengeance. Everything is neatly organized now, and I am pleased. I will be adding more desk photos and cubicle paraphernalia in the days and weeks and hopefully, years, to come. My cubicle may equal Rick's in coolness and nostalgia one day...maybe.

Vick...Todd Vick. I am a Technical Consultant. If Chipco Computers were a Fast Food joint, I'd be the guy at the drive-in window saying, would you like some DDR2 memory sticks with your order?

I can live with that...for now. I have lots of room to move up, and a company that would like to see me do just that.

It's a good gig.


Rick said…
Happy Meal toys. All about the Happy Meal toys. Glad you're fitting right in - good to find other fun-loving, congenial, honest, flatulent folks in this world, huh? :)

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