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No Wonder

I have always loved the music of Stevie Wonder. "For Once In My Life" is one of my all time faves. I am delighted to see that we have honored his acheivements accordingly. Manilow is next...or so I hope.

Hollywood Has Its Moments

George Clooney is the man!

Midweek Rant

To all the drivers on I-20 East:

If the speed limit says 60 MPH, then it is perfectly acceptable to increase your overpriced vehicles to that speed at least. Do not fear the speed limit. Embrace it.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Wednesday.

Week One

I have had a great week. Work is awesome. I am learning a lot of new stuff and that is always cool.

Sunday night I had a chance to visit James at our usual hanging out place. Missed breakfast Monday morning due to work, but I look forward to catching the next one.

Looking forward to a nice weekend with Tracy and the kids. Tracy and are going to upgrade our cell phones to Blackberry Storms. Then we are shopping for a decent treadmill.

I do miss my kickboxing though.

The New Gig

The new job is going very well so far. I really think I may have found my final resting place, so to speak. The picture to the left reflects the condition my workstation was in when I arrived on the job. To the very left is a coffee mug that was never washed. Upon opening the mug, I believe I witnessed the birth of an alien life form. Cup and entity were promptly jettisoned.

I am a neat freak. Hence the "after" photo. I cleaned and dusted off my desk with a vengeance. Everything is neatly organized now, and I am pleased. I will be adding more desk photos and cubicle paraphernalia in the days and weeks and hopefully, years, to come. My cubicle may equal Rick's in coolness and nostalgia one day...maybe.

Vick...Todd Vick. I am a Technical Consultant. If Chipco Computers were a Fast Food joint, I'd be the guy at the drive-in window saying, would you like some DDR2 memory sticks with your order?

I can live with that...for now. I have lots of room to move up, and a …

Employed Again!

Got the job at Chipco Computers! Start Monday at 8:00. No weekends ever again! I cannot recall a time since the early 1990s that I have had a job that didn't require weekends. I will have cookouts! We can go to the park! I can wash the cars! Change the oil! Bathe the dog! Love it!

Catoe, Rick and George...lunch at Cracker Barrel soon...?

Boy, Didn't See THIS Coming...HA HA

Not this again...

The Flu Continues To Fly

As of right now, Tracy and three kids are down with the flu. So far, I am flu free. With the miracle of hand-sanitizer and Lysol, I expect to remain free.

Had an interview today with Chipco Computers. It seems my technical and sales background may finally have some use. If hired, I will begin Monday morning at 8:00. Boo yah! At Chipco, I may have found a place to call home. Turnover is very low, and they want longevity in their people. At 41 years old, I am not as marketable as I was back in the 1990s. I still have a lot to offer, though, and I may have found a good match for my skills and experience. Not only this, but I will also have my own cubicle and a smokin' PC to use. Good benefits and retirement are also available after 90 days. I should hear from them on the morrow.

I have also begun the SlimFast diet today. Despite my exercising, I am not losing the weight. Not gaining, but not losing either. I'm going to do this for about a month and see what happens.…

One FLU Over The Cuckoo's Nest

I am home with a flu bitten child today. It's not like I have anywhere else to be, but I am glad I can be here to take of the lad. Makes his Mom happy too! Mr. Moms everywhere can just eat their hearts out! Hoo-ah!

Having said that, what I would really like is a job. A career. Some place where a guy like me can put his nose to the grindstone and push forward at full speed, stopping for coffee every now and again. Is that so much to ask? In today's recession/depression/pre-economic stimulus era? Yes.

It is pretty sad that at the end of yesterday, my greatest accomplishment was that I recorded Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan onto my DVR. Now I can watch 2 and 3 back to back! I still would rather have a job. I am going stir crazy. I have many hooks in the career water. I'm just waiting for a bite.

A nibble, perhaps?

Strangely, as I typed the above words, I got a call about a job. Phone interview tomorrow. Cool.

Random Ruminating XLIII

I'm tired of being unemployed. Seriously. I once believed when I obtained my college degree that I would be set for life. Frankly, I'm a tad upset at being underqualified, overqualified, and just not quite experienced enough.

I receive no less than three job offers a day inviting me to sell life insurance. No thanks. Unemployment pays better.

My children are all growing up way too fast. For me, not them.

I love my wife very much. I recall a time when I was afraid of being single in my old age. We have had a tough 5 years. Things are good right now. I want them to stay this way.

I wonder what I ever did to deserve such a great circle of friends.

I really need a haircut. Or do I go for the grunge look...?

I recently updated my Rhapsody account to the latest version. In doing so, my playlists and library got totally flubbed up. Example:

Song - Rock and Roll All Nite
Artist - Anne Murray.

My Rhapsody update also wiped out my iPod wishlist consisting of over 300 songs which …

Wings, Football, Springsteen and BFFs

A fine evening watching the first half of Super Bowl 43 at Carolina Wings in West Columbia. Personally, I could care less about either team that played. I just enjoyed a good time with great friends and food.

In the top photo, Catoe and I are strategizing for our next Guitar Hero challenge.

The other photo contains 200 collective years of wisdom, fun, and ploys. I wouldn't trade anything for this group of friends. From L to R: George, Peeley, Catoe, Rickwell, and me. Noticeably missing from the photo are Jay, Alan, Ritter, and Chuck. Hope we can all pose for the next photo. After everyone left, I did manage to catch a couple songs during Springsteen's halftime show. The Boss delivered!

Interesting final thought: with Jay, Alan, Ritter and Chuck in the photo, there would be, collectively, 360 years of wisdom, fun, and ploys...and a few cigars.