Reconnected and Reconfigured

It's feels good to be back online from home. Much catching up to do in the blogosphere.

In addition to getting reconnected, I was also able to upgrade the memory on my PC. She runs much better now. Teenage girls and their millions of pictures have consumed most of the original memory space.

Still unemployed, but have an interview at 9:00 am right here in good ol' Batesburg-Leesville. After the interview, I will catch up on my blog, complete with pictures.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the inauguration coverage yesterday. I confess to getting a bit emotional along with Tom Brokaw. Our country has come so far, and now we are going even further.

I regret that my gmail box is being overloaded with racial jokes and anti-Obama propaganda. Most of these come from people I love and respect, and now must respectfully agree to disagree. Seems that one of my old pastor friends would spend less time bashing President Obama and more time lifting him up in prayer.

At any rate, I am pleased with our new President until he gives me just cause not to be. Comments to the contrary are always welcome, but will likely not change my mind.

Enough politics. Let's talk Guitar Hero. As far as video games go, I am always going to be a "roll-of-quarters-in-the-arcade" kind of fellow, but I have really come to enjoy GH. I am still on the "Easy" level, however. In the photo are me and my hetero lifemate Chris Catoe. It is good to have him back in my life.

Have to get ready for class. Peace!


Chuck said…
Guitar Hero?


I am surprised that you guys ain't playing Tuba Hero!

You would have to play along with some of Joel's Greatest hits, working all the way up to "You dropped the bomb on me."

George said…
I love it! Chuck's "Tuba Hero" comment kills me. That photo is gonna be my new wallpaper on my PC. Rad!
Rick said…
Oooooooh. Well the picture makes more sense knowing there's a video game involved.
Alan said…

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