Next Year's Christmas Card

It's amazing to me that just a few months ago, I was considering deleting my Facebook account. Since the day I decided to keep it, I have reconnected with over 70 people whom I have not seen since High School.

One of these old acquaintances is Chris Catoe. I lost touch with him in the early 1990s. Not really sure why. Over the years I had tried various means to look him up without success.

Then one day I received a Facebook friend request from his son Preston, who I had only met once, years ago. Through Preston I was able to reconnect with Chris, and, as it is with all good friendships, we picked right up where we left off.

Chris is one of my best pals. We sat side by side in the Airport High School band for three years where we dominated the Tuba section. Outside of band, we were almost inseparable. We had a lot of laughs, and now we are able to share even more laughs. Tracy and I spent new year's eve with Chris and Donna, as well as regularly getting together at one another's homes.

I am blessed with a circle of great friends. Having Catoe back in my life completes the circle. My best Christmas gift in 2008 was reconnecting with my bud.

The jogging suit was nice, too.


Chuck said…
That's so awesome to hear! You and Chris were like Peanut Butter & Jelly. Ham and Cheese. Laverne & Shirly.

Seriously, that is really neat. And the Tuba Hero picture from next year will be great (think of a large, plastic tuba with four colored buttons where the values are...and you get the picture in my head).

When you get through unlock "Fandango"! (Chuck Sox came back and recorded the solo for the game).

test said…
Would love to run into you guys sometime soon Todd. I'm in Missouri at the moment!

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