Here We Go Again

14 months ago, I was unemployed due to my position being eliminated. Now, once again, due to production cutbacks, I find myself contributing to the unemployment statistics. Myself and 200 others were escorted to the door. I am receiving unemployment benefits and looking for a new place to call work.

Beyond that, all is well here. Using the downtime to catch up on some honey-dos. I resume my studies at Tech on Monday, and away we go.

11 more days until the nightmare which we call the Bush Administration is over. I find myself deeply hoping that the new administration will live up to the promises, etc, etc.

Still borrowing internet from Tracy's uncle. I have many photos to post. Some of you will recognize my hetero lifemate Chris Catoe from the upcoming photos and will be witness to my latest addiction: Guitar Hero.

Photos and posts from my own PC will be coming soon.


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