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Next Year's Christmas Card

It's amazing to me that just a few months ago, I was considering deleting my Facebook account. Since the day I decided to keep it, I have reconnected with over 70 people whom I have not seen since High School. One of these old acquaintances is Chris Catoe. I lost touch with him in the early 1990s. Not really sure why. Over the years I had tried various means to look him up without success. Then one day I received a Facebook friend request from his son Preston, who I had only met once, years ago. Through Preston I was able to reconnect with Chris, and, as it is with all good friendships, we picked right up where we left off.Chris is one of my best pals. We sat side by side in the Airport High School band for three years where we dominated the Tuba section. Outside of band, we were almost inseparable. We had a lot of laughs, and now we are able to share even more laughs. Tracy and I spent new year's eve with Chris and Donna, as well as regularly getting together at on…

Motivational Poster (thanks Chuck)

What makes this photo so darned funny is that I was apparently unaware of the position my fingers were in as I rested my weary chin on my hand.

At any rate, thanks to my pal Chuck, I was inspired to offer my own motivational poster.

Reconnected and Reconfigured

It's feels good to be back online from home. Much catching up to do in the blogosphere.

In addition to getting reconnected, I was also able to upgrade the memory on my PC. She runs much better now. Teenage girls and their millions of pictures have consumed most of the original memory space.

Still unemployed, but have an interview at 9:00 am right here in good ol' Batesburg-Leesville. After the interview, I will catch up on my blog, complete with pictures.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the inauguration coverage yesterday. I confess to getting a bit emotional along with Tom Brokaw. Our country has come so far, and now we are going even further.

I regret that my gmail box is being overloaded with racial jokes and anti-Obama propaganda. Most of these come from people I love and respect, and now must respectfully agree to disagree. Seems that one of my old pastor friends would spend less time bashing President Obama and more time lifting him up in prayer.

At any rate, I am pleased with …

Here We Go Again

14 months ago, I was unemployed due to my position being eliminated. Now, once again, due to production cutbacks, I find myself contributing to the unemployment statistics. Myself and 200 others were escorted to the door. I am receiving unemployment benefits and looking for a new place to call work.

Beyond that, all is well here. Using the downtime to catch up on some honey-dos. I resume my studies at Tech on Monday, and away we go.

11 more days until the nightmare which we call the Bush Administration is over. I find myself deeply hoping that the new administration will live up to the promises, etc, etc.

Still borrowing internet from Tracy's uncle. I have many photos to post. Some of you will recognize my hetero lifemate Chris Catoe from the upcoming photos and will be witness to my latest addiction: Guitar Hero.

Photos and posts from my own PC will be coming soon.

Where Is TODD-o?

Internet is down at home (traded internet for Christmas spending power). Should be back up again soon. So much to blog, so little time.

Hope everyone had a Merry Xmas and may we all enjoy a prosperous, post-Bush 2009.