Time to Blog and be Thankful

After several days straight, I am now officially off until Monday. I have not had time to blog in awhile. Some big things happened over the last 3 weeks.

First, we have a new President. President-Elect Obama has made history. Now, there is much work to do. Time will tell if he was, in fact, the right choice for our leader. He has my prayers and my support.

Second, we got another dog. Sunshine comes to us from the same family who grossly neglected my late Golden Retriever, Levi. I believe she is a Pekingese and around 8 years old. She is already spoiled...rotten. She looks a lot like Gizmo from Gremlins.

Third, I have been treated by and released from my cardiologist. After many expensive tests, it has been determined that there is nothing wrong with me that diet and exercise cannot fix. Since dieting before Thanksgiving is next to pointless, I will begin the diet and exercise on December 1.

So, there you have it, gentle reader. All is well in Todd's world. I miss my Wisconsin relatives very much, and I wish I could be up there to carve the turkey with them. However, I will be with my Mom, stepdad, and sisters tomorrow. Tracy's dad is down from Ohio, so we will be surrounded by family. Rumor has it the Kirks may be around for a quick visit. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Thus endeth the pre-thanksgiving post.


Rick said…
For the dog - never get it wet, and never feed it after midnight. I think there was one more, but forget it - might be cool to watch her morph into a monster.

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