Political Observation

Here we are, one day away from Election 2008. I am off work today due to more testing at the SC Heart Center. I'm home now, and I just want to add one more voice to the political commentary arena. My voice.

I'm not going to discuss who I am voting for and why. Frankly, that is my business, and I really just want to avoid anymore debate on why "I'm wrong and you're right." However, I would like to make an observation, and I wish to dedicate it to the late Gene Roddenberry.

Tomorrow's Presidential election is incredibly historical, regardless of the outcome. It will be an election of firsts, either way. We will either elect our first African-American President, or we will have our first woman VP ever in the White House...fascinating!

It fills me with hope that we have come this far as a nation during our lifetime. Gene Roddenberry, with Star Trek, painted a hopeful picture of a galaxy with no racism, no poverty, and full equality for all. He showed us a visionary possibility for our future. Since Trek's maiden voyage in the late 1960s, our technology has evolved at breakneck speeds. In addition, because of Star Trek, scientists and quantum physicists are making significant breakthroughs, at least in theory. No doubt Roddenberry would be impressed.

Is it possible that we as a nation are finally growing beyond the pride and prejudices which have been handed down to us for generations? Are we expanding our horizons and reaching for newer possibilities we have never before considered (at least seriously)? Will we then lead the rest of the world to do likewise by our example?

I want to believe it. I want to believe that Roddenberry's vision of the 23rd century could very well be unfolding before us in the 21st century. I want to believe that somewhere people like Roddenberry, Dr. Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, or anyone who has ever dared to dream of a better world are pleased that the dreams for which they died may be right in our collective grasps.

I want to believe. For my children's children's children, I want to believe.


James said…
I want a phaser.
Todd said…
The 2012 election motto: "A Phaser In Every Household." When I can attach photon torpedo launchers to my vehicle for the daily commute, I will be happy.

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