2008 Birthday Wish List

Please excuse me while I display, unashamedly, my narcissistic hedonist side. However, I remind the reader that one "Has not, because he asks not." So here is my asking.
  1. Round trip airfare to Seattle. I miss the Kirks, and would love to visit Das Ritterhaus.
  2. Tickets to a Packer game at Lambeau field, airfare included.
  3. A night on the town, along with a designated driver (should I stay up past my bedtime).
  4. Tickets to Manilow in Vegas, with airfare included.
  5. World peace (ha ha).
  6. Caryn's novel--published and autographed.
  7. An iPod.
  8. A Blackberry.
  9. Any Wisconsin Badger/Green Bay Packer paraphenelia.
  10. Van Halen to play at my birthday party!

A feller can dream...


Rick said…
If you combine #7 and #8, it's called an iPhone. And the VH brothers want to know your requested set list.
Todd said…
Without you, sir, I would be lost is techno-land. ;-)
Paula Faye said…
Donny and Marie in VEGAS! Even better. :>
Steve said…
You are welcome anytime, my friend. Would love to hoist a Smithwicks with you and Jay. Just say when!
Martha said…
Let me know when number 10 is happening - I'm so there!!!

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