I am off today. I slept late. It is quiet right now. Soon wife and step-kids will return and the all-too-usual chaos will resume. To quote Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that."

I noticed that I am not the only blogger in my circle who seems to have little to say lately. What is there to post about besides the upcoming "election," high gas prices, economic collapse and government bailout (who will bail the gov't out I ask?), work, and football? For me, not much.

I struggle to find faith in all of this. I am trying to find my spiritual footing once again. I'm looking for a place to stand.

I am struggling with the inevitability of aging. One of my co-workers passed away last week. He was only 58. That is not very old. I am a lot closer to 58 than I used to be. I thought kickboxing would be good for me, but lately my left shoulder is killing me. I haven't wrestled since May. I'm not sure if I can anymore. I am getting more gray hair and I am tired all the time. I have been working out since June, and I have lost 10 lbs, but no more. It seems to be harder to lose weight than it used to be.

I am still young. I am relatively healthy. I have more of my hair than I should. My kids still want me around. There is still much to be thankful for in an age of uncertainty and possibility.

So much typing. I think I need a nap.


Steve said…
It is tougher getting older. I'm feeling it in the mornings much more than I used to. Life is busy, and it does seem like we all talk about the same things, doesn't it? I do enjoy reconnecting with all my High School friends. It's been great getting back in touch with you, Todd.

I'm taking note. New, fresher topics to blog about. Check. Fart jokes are always en vogue, no?
Rick said…
Getting older isn't bothering me as much as getting ornerier. I find myself being feisty in the wrong spaces, and then quiet & observant the rest of the time. Oh well. You haven't left faith, just finding a new perspective on it, I think.

You're right. Too much typing.
Alan said…
Todd, may I suggest you read the book by Max Lucada- In the Eye of the Storm. Christ has experienced all of you feelings. The gas prices no, but then again he walked everywhere. Except for that one donkey ride- which brings us to having experienced all you are going through...and then some. Brothers.
Anonymous said…
Todd said...I struggle to find faith in all of this. I am trying to find my spiritual footing once again. I'm looking for a place to stand.

Todd, is there a need to struggle to find faith in this...? When you find faith you find HIM. Faith is knowing God. Man, God knows what's going on. God is STILL here!
As for finding your spiritual footing again... Do you really have to look...find HIS footing, find HIM. Did HE not say I Am the Way the Truth and the Life. Todd, find HIM, find Jesus, do you love HIM like you did before? Love Jesus. I know that you know a great singer..Paul Smith. Do you remember "Back to Who I am"?
Todd, don't worry about where you stand, stand where HE says to stand.
Hopefully this helps......
Todd said…
Thanks, Anonymous. No disrespect, but as a general rule I disregard anonymous anything. You obviously know me and my love of Paul Smith. Why not identify yourself? The words would be easier for me to receive if I had your name. It's good advice, why be ashamed to give your name? The rest of us aren't. Thanks.
Brian said…
Todd, I am not ashamed of who I am..You said that it would be easier to recieve if you knew who it was... isn't truth, well, truth? All I did was give you the Word of God. Todd, you are right I do know you well.. I have followed you through the years and prayed for you. And, as I said, I am not ashamed... it's Brian Williams. Man, in these times where things are spinning faster than we can see and maybe our wallets may seem slimmer than they used to and the world seems so much bigger....didn't God say..The righteous will never be forsaken and his seed will never beg for bread. Did He not say, and my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Sometimes it might not look or feel the greatest, man He is there.
"When my eyes are drawn away, lead me back again. Back to who I am."
Todd said…
Thanks, Mr. M. It is always a blast to hear from you (pun intended). I still have my faith, but it is taking a more relevant shape (best way I know how to put it). Anyways, your encouragement is well-received. Thank you for not mentioning COOL Ministries.

Alan said…
Aaaah. And there it is. A shameless plug for Cool Ministries. "Y'all don't mind if I move around do you? Whew." Great memories boys. "Todd. How's that?"
Todd said…
The biggest mistake with COOL Ministries, besides, ummm, DOING it, was not employing the more musical pals in my life, who went off and made music without me.

Now that's COOL!

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