And On We Go

My steady progression toward total geekness continues with the creation of my own personal Avatar.

I have now acheived something that even my more computer literate children have yet to accomplish. Future generations of Vicks will behold great-great-great-grandpa Vick's Avatar with awe.

Nah, it was just something I wanted to try out. Mad props to Rickwell for helping me choose an Avatar site.


George said…
Needs bigger hair. ; )
Caryn said…
What's with the Tao on the shirt, man? Going new Age on us?!
Rick said…
Love the yin and yang of it all, but agree with George - not enough hair, and did the site have a place for adding hairspray?
Steve said…
A pirate eyepatch would be a cool touch too.
Leah said…
i like it! now i want one!

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