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6 Quirky Things About Me

Tagged awhile back by Rick and Caryn, I offer 6 quirky things about myself. Though it would be much easier to post quirky things about Rick and Caryn (ha ha), I will do my best. It was hard to narrow the quirks down to only 6.

I have an odd taste in music. I would rather listen to Sinatra or Tony Bennett than anything mainstream. I also dig Hall and Oates and Manilow. Yet some days I will go completely metal. Classic Rock is always good for me. I find it quirky that I was born in the 60s, raised in the 80s, and yet I prefer the music of the 70s. I don't have an iPod (yet) but when I get one and load it, it will be all over the place.I can't draw very well, but I am a great doodler.When I am in the men's room, washing my hands or what-have-you, when I hear a bathroom noise from one of the stalls, I immediately recall an incident in the new 100 hall at AHS in 1986. Steve Ritter and I were in the men's room and a noise escaped the stall. The look on Steve's face is as …

De-Pressurizing and Re-Discovering

The melee began as usual, on my knees, fixing a machine in the QA area. A co-worker who had recently suffered a stroke came to me and said, "Todd your face is awfully red; do you have blood pressure issues?" I replied, "It's possible." So she advised me to go to the security office and let them check my BP. I was not aware that they were so equipped, so off I went.

First reading: 194/121; second reading: 191/112; third reading: 192/117. Security officer says, "Todd, I'll be right back." Within seconds, the "First Response" crew at Flextronics was surrounding me, offering to call me an ambulance and hook me up to some oxygen. Feeling my bp slip up another couple points, I insisted that I felt ok and that my doctor was just down the road. Before I left, however, they gave me a brief dissertation and family history of their own issues with BP and BP meds, sending my systolic up 2 more notches. I thanked them and my boss for allowing…

Make Your Own Caption

Following in George's fun-with-blogging genius, I offer a photo taken of me at work yesterday for the "Make Your Own Caption" nuttiness. Hat tip to Dan for the photo, which was taken on his new Blackberry (which I covet...oh, the shame).This should be a hoot! Bloggers, start your captions!

The Matrixx Revolution Continues

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

I miss my Harley...

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

And On We Go

My steady progression toward total geekness continues with the creation of my own personal Avatar. I have now acheived something that even my more computer literate children have yet to accomplish. Future generations of Vicks will behold great-great-great-grandpa Vick's Avatar with awe.Nah, it was just something I wanted to try out. Mad props to Rickwell for helping me choose an Avatar site.

Monday the 13th

No, I really am not a superstitious person. However, I am a huge fan of Garfield and his disdain for Mondays, especially Monday the 13th.

Anyhoo, I was short 2 technicians and a tester in my area at work, so I had to wear more hats than usual, but it was ok, and the day went by fast.

I had a date with my wife at our local IHOP and we enjoyed the time sans children, cats, and dogs.

So, despite it being Monday the 13th and a full moon, today was not too bad.

Of course, tomorrow IS Tuesday the 14th....


I am off today. I slept late. It is quiet right now. Soon wife and step-kids will return and the all-too-usual chaos will resume. To quote Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that."

I noticed that I am not the only blogger in my circle who seems to have little to say lately. What is there to post about besides the upcoming "election," high gas prices, economic collapse and government bailout (who will bail the gov't out I ask?), work, and football? For me, not much.

I struggle to find faith in all of this. I am trying to find my spiritual footing once again. I'm looking for a place to stand.

I am struggling with the inevitability of aging. One of my co-workers passed away last week. He was only 58. That is not very old. I am a lot closer to 58 than I used to be. I thought kickboxing would be good for me, but lately my left shoulder is killing me. I haven't wrestled since May. I'm not sure if I can anymore. I am getting more …