Where Have I Been?

For the last couple of weeks, I have been rather immersed in work and school. I have begun pursuing an Associates Degree from Midlands Tech in Computer Technology, with hopes of furthering my career at Flextronics. What is humbling about going to school (other than being the oldest person in my classes) is that my 8th grade daughters are doing the same math as I am. I offered my math whiz son a bribe to do my homework for me.

No go. Good lad. Poor Dad.

Add to that the opening of football season (Go Badgers, Go Pack), the DNC, the RNC, Rick's charming Twit commentaries, kids' birthdays, kickboxing, and trying to stay on target in the gym, I have been rather busy. Not even time for wrestling, which is probably a good thing for my brittle (but shrinking) bod.

And, so, for the first time in months, I have Saturday AND Sunday off. I am going to nap frequently, catch up on homework, work on my van, and nap in between football games.

After a nice dinner at Shealy's tonight, however, I am ready to crash. I have missed my blog, and have many more thoughts perculating in my head, which I will post later. At the top of the list is my anticipation in catching Aaron Rodgers leading the Packers on Monday night. I will be in class during kickoff, but thank goodness for my DVR!


James said…
But alas, the Packers without Farve.
Chuck said…
You know, they say the millionaires out there have no idea who got kicked off the island!

This is actually inspirational to me who feels that I should be doing more to improve myself.
Paula Faye said…
T - You are awesome and inspiring. Going back to school while trying to take care of a family is no easy task. Kudos for all that you have on your plate! p
Caryn said…
Welcome back to the 'sphere. By the way, you do realize you signed on for song-burping instruction for my daughter? When will you be fitting that in?
Steve said…
I'm right there with you, brother! I guess there are alternatives to being busy. Watching Jeopardy at the old folks' home looking forward to mac and cheese and lime jello for dinner. I'll take busy anyday.
we missed you buddy.

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