Whatta Weekend!

This weekend of no work was spent with family, food, and football. We celebrated Papa's birthday (9/11--what a bummer) with dinner at Ryan's. The grandkids adore their Papa. I kinda like him, too. He is one of the kindest people I know.
Although this photo was taken 20 pounds ago, the fact I am wearing my Badger t-shirt underscores my excitement for their victory over Fresno State. The Gamecocks lost. Again.

I have over 300 channels, yet could not find a Sunday broadcast of the Packers v. Detroit game. Yet I have watched the post-game coverage with great excitement over Aaron Rodgers and the Pack triumphing over the Lions 45-28. Seeing as Favre and the Jets lost, I hope we can squelch the Favre/Rodgers comparisons once and for all. In the immortal words of Packer Coach Mike McCarthy (regarding Favre), "That train has left the station."

Furthermore, we ALMOST went to church this morning. Forgot to set the alarm, but we had full intent on going and trying to find a new place to worship. I think I am ready to ease back in. No rush, and no mentioning of my being a former minister. I do not want to fall back into that sterotype. Not yet. Perhaps someday. Maybe when USC has a perfect season. (sob)

On the less positive side, I can no longer wear shorts to work, my son is almost taller than me, my girls are growing up way too fast, a buddy is dating a stripper, Norm hasn't blogged in awhile, and I have an Algebra test tomorrow evening. Procrastination is alive and well.

Lastly but not leastly, I have completed all 9 seasons of The X-Files. Now I am ready to see the movie. But wait! It's no longer in theaters. The conspiracy will have to continue on DVD.

Alas, I need a beer...and a shower.


Steve said…
Has anyone felt more pressure to perform this season than Rogers? Glad to see him stepping up.

Favre as a Jet...still can't get used to that one. Like Montana as a Chief. It just ain't right.

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