I'm Just Sayin'...

  • Aaron Rodgers impressed the heck outta me this past Monday night.
  • I should have become a gas station owner. The money is a lot better.
  • Norm and Dan are better friends than I even realized. Thank you, gentlemen.
  • I find Facebook annoying. Though I have caught up with a couple of people I haven't seen or heard from since High School, Facebook makes me grumpy.
  • Where's a good Bruce Lee flick when you need one?
  • Slaw dog for lunch today was a very bad idea for painfully obvious gastro-intestinal reasons. Go ahead, pull my finger.
  • Google Chrome has not impressed me. Maybe I just need more time.
  • "Google Chrome" sounds like the name of a high-tech dance club. "Hey, let's go hang out at Google Chrome!"

I'm just sayin'...


Caryn said…
Hey, didn't I meet you and Jay once at Google Chrome? You were wearing a Miami Vice jacket, no socks, pink Izod.

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