Happy Birthday Mom

Dear Mom:

I know you don't always understand me and the choices I make. Maybe sometimes you don't understand me at all. Most of the time, neither do I.

The truth is, I am more like you than I ever thought I would be. You did your best raising us on so little. We never went without and we didn't ever appreciate the sacrifices you made. Now that I am a Dad, I understand it a lot more.

One thing I know for sure, whether I am playing football, in the band, graduating college, wrestling, preaching, or just being a Dad to your grandkids, I have had no bigger fan on this earth than you.

Thanks for everything, Mom. Happy birthday, and I love you.


Chuck said…
Give your Mom and happy birthday shout-out from me! She looks fabulous!

Funny how the older we get the more we appreciate what they have been through.
Alan said…
Wow. "Mrs. Balls" is still hot. Hasn't changed a bit! I used to love my visits to the house in Pine Ridge. Brings back great memories.

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