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In case anyone was wondering

I have been working for 12 straight days to satisfy a huge End of Quarter push. We came out on top, and I have the next 2 days off.

The other day I spoke less than favorably about Facebook. Since that post, I have uncovered 3 more friends from my school days. Maybe I just need to ease up on FB.

School has been good. I really need to kick it into high gear in Algebra. My IT class is really cool. I am going to start programming stuff next week. Totally cool. I am such a geek, but proud of it.

The other day I saw a stupid church sign that made me laugh out loud. In Pelion, SC, there is a church sign which reads:

Do you know where you will go When you die? You will die.

Are you kidding me? That is why people like me are sick of church. The old Baptist-me would have applauded them for being so frank. The more relaxed me thinks they are a bunch of kooks.

Hoping to catch up on some football and some rest this weekend, with lots of time with my posse.

Starting right now.

Whatta Weekend!

This weekend of no work was spent with family, food, and football. We celebrated Papa's birthday (9/11--what a bummer) with dinner at Ryan's. The grandkids adore their Papa. I kinda like him, too. He is one of the kindest people I know. Although this photo was taken 20 pounds ago, the fact I am wearing my Badger t-shirt underscores my excitement for their victory over Fresno State. The Gamecocks lost. Again.

I have over 300 channels, yet could not find a Sunday broadcast of the Packers v. Detroit game. Yet I have watched the post-game coverage with great excitement over Aaron Rodgers and the Pack triumphing over the Lions 45-28. Seeing as Favre and the Jets lost, I hope we can squelch the Favre/Rodgers comparisons once and for all. In the immortal words of Packer Coach Mike McCarthy (regarding Favre), "That train has left the station."

Furthermore, we ALMOST went to church this morning. Forgot…

I'm Just Sayin'...

Aaron Rodgers impressed the heck outta me this past Monday night.I should have become a gas station owner. The money is a lot better.Norm and Dan are better friends than I even realized. Thank you, gentlemen.I find Facebook annoying. Though I have caught up with a couple of people I haven't seen or heard from since High School, Facebook makes me grumpy.Where's a good Bruce Lee flick when you need one?Slaw dog for lunch today was a very bad idea for painfully obvious gastro-intestinal reasons. Go ahead, pull my finger.Google Chrome has not impressed me. Maybe I just need more time."Google Chrome" sounds like the name of a high-tech dance club. "Hey, let's go hang out at Google Chrome!"I'm just sayin'...

Happy Birthday Mom

Dear Mom:I know you don't always understand me and the choices I make. Maybe sometimes you don't understand me at all. Most of the time, neither do I.The truth is, I am more like you than I ever thought I would be. You did your best raising us on so little. We never went without and we didn't ever appreciate the sacrifices you made. Now that I am a Dad, I understand it a lot more.One thing I know for sure, whether I am playing football, in the band, graduating college, wrestling, preaching, or just being a Dad to your grandkids, I have had no bigger fan on this earth than you. Thanks for everything, Mom. Happy birthday, and I love you.

Where Have I Been?

For the last couple of weeks, I have been rather immersed in work and school. I have begun pursuing an Associates Degree from Midlands Tech in Computer Technology, with hopes of furthering my career at Flextronics. What is humbling about going to school (other than being the oldest person in my classes) is that my 8th grade daughters are doing the same math as I am. I offered my math whiz son a bribe to do my homework for me.

No go. Good lad. Poor Dad.

Add to that the opening of football season (Go Badgers, Go Pack), the DNC, the RNC, Rick's charming Twit commentaries, kids' birthdays, kickboxing, and trying to stay on target in the gym, I have been rather busy. Not even time for wrestling, which is probably a good thing for my brittle (but shrinking) bod.

And, so, for the first time in months, I have Saturday AND Sunday off. I am going to nap frequently, catch up on homework, work on my van, and nap in between football games.

After a nice dinner at Shealy's tonight,…