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A Four-Letter Word


I have been spending much time on the job lately, with very little time for a 3 letter word, "F-U-N." My recent promotion to Lead Technician has brought with it many new challenges and opportunities to grow professionally and personally, as well as some more gray hairs. It's all good, and I am enjoying what I do.

The children are all back in school and summer vacation is officially over. For THEM, that is. Dad did not get a vacation.

I'm not sure why, but I have been listening to Manilow in the vehicle a lot lately. His music has laid the soundtrack for much of my life journey. Keeps me mellow I suppose. Would still love to catch him in Vegas. Jay, let's do it.

I finally have a day off and I am grateful for that. I will try and catch up on some some sleep. I will start now, with a nap.

Again, I Say, "What the...?"

Click photo. To a hardcore Packer like myself, this is treason of a high and aggravated nature. Excuse me. I need a moment.

What the...?

Click the photo. Prepare for a mind-job.

A Week, A Job, A Perspective Shift

I am not complaining. I truly enjoy my work. More than I have enjoyed a job in a long time. My problem is, "Where have I been for the last 20 years?"

My friends have always spoken of deadlines, meetings, Friday crunches, pressure, politics, and long hours. At 40, I am just now getting it.

I was in the ministry for the last 20 years. There were meetings, sure. Pressure? Maybe. But the life I led there is completely different from the life I lead now in terms of work. I never saw the ministry as work. I got paid to teach, preach, mingle, counsel, and eat...a lot. It was fun, and I got paid.

Now I work for a living. I think I prefer it this way. The money is better and the people are much nicer...well at least more tolerable.