Random Ruminating...Again

  • Olivia Newton-John is still a babe.
  • No female singer holds a candle to Streisand.
  • The Who have posted their US tour dates. Atlantic City anyone?
  • Since Ric Flair retired, I have had no desire to watch televised wrestling.
  • Boston's song, "More Than A Feeling" always provokes a tear or two. Good times!
  • I may very well be addicted to the X-Files. My imaginary shrink is exploring this with me.
  • I miss my dog Levi.
  • Having no grandparents is very sad.
  • I actually subscribed to PC World.
  • I have not worked out this week. Not once. Haven't been feeling well this week.
  • Would trade anything for the opportunity to redo the last 25 years.
  • Are atheists spiritual people?
  • Ok...that'll do.


Norman said…
I like the idea to redo the past 25 years. Where is my reset button!
Chuck said…
See...now there is your book: reboot. The main character gets the opportunity from God to redo the past twenty five years of his life. The catch, he can not remember what happened during that twenty five years.

In the end, the sad part is that he has not really relived the past twenty five years, he has slipped into some kind of coma.

We can cast the movie with Owen Wilson in one of those break out films that have done well for Robin Williams and Jim Carey.
Martha said…
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 'More than a Feelin'. That whole album is one of my faves. I can play that Boston album front to back and know all the songs and all the words. I can do that with Back in Black too.

But I have to listen to More than a Feelin' at least twice before moving on to the other songs. And if I could redo the past 25 years, the biggest thing I would do is buy Microsoft as soon as I could.

Hope you will feel better soon.
Paula Faye said…
What would you do with those 25 years? Just interested.
If you hit up AC (New Jersey right?) I am so there and you can stay at my house for free. Sorry been so quiet lately.
Todd said…
You, sir, as they say, are on!

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