Posting a Posted Question and a Post

The other day I blogged that I would give anything to redo the last 25 years of my life. The thought itself almost gives rise to a country song. It was really just a thoughtless comment I threw out during one of my over-thinking sessions. Nevertheless, a fellow blogger posted a question:

Paula Faye said...
What would you do with those 25 years? Just interested.

A fair question, and it actually got me to thinking. In no particular order, here is the short list of but a few things I would love the chance to redo.
  • If I could, I would relive over and over the births of my children.
  • I wouldn't have married so quickly.
  • I would have made more of an effort with my Dad while he was still living,
  • I would have spent more time with my grandparents. Gosh I miss them.
  • I'd have gotten closer to my step-dad sooner. What a great man he is.
  • I'd have taken better care of my teeth as a teenager.
  • I would have dated more.
  • I would have taken a chance and roomed with Jay and Homer. Could've been a blast!
  • I would never have smashed my KISS albums after that IBYC thing. That is really the ONLY thing I'd do differently about that whole event. Of course we didn't have the prospect of one day selling them on e-bay back then.
  • The 1978 Honda Civic. What the hell was I thinking?
  • Sylvia, Michelle, and Candy. What the hell was I thinking?
  • I'd have treated certain people better, and been more faithful as a certain best friend's assistant Sunday School teacher.
  • I should have tried harder at USC. I was so screwed up.
  • I wish I had read books then as I do now. I guess it's never too late.
  • I would have fought to stay in Mrs. Rawl's AP-English class.
  • I would have kicked Robbie B. and Joel T.'s asses when I had the chance. I'm proud of myself for taking the high road, but oh for just one good punch.
  • I'd have started the pro-wrestling at a much younger age.
  • I would have asked a certain girl out instead of being a coward (oh, like YOU didn't do that too!). I sometimes wonder how my life would be today if I had.
  • I would have gone to see Johnny Cash at the Living Vine book signing.
  • I'd have taken more chances. Not deadly ones, but social ones. Asking chicks to dance, etc. Did I just say "chicks?"
  • Speaking of which, I would have slow danced with Donna Stephens instead of just the fast dancing. Say it with me people: "coward." If you knew Donna Stephens, you would concur.
  • I would have been more stern in Deacon's meetings. Some of those guys were just asking for it. Once again, Todd takes the high road. Yay me.
  • That girl at the Pizza Factory. What the hell was I thinking?
  • I wouldn't have cussed Ray out on his voicemail; I'd have done it to his face.
  • I wouldn't allow so much repressed anger into my soul (chuckles).
  • I'd have spent more time with James and Chuck when we all lived at The Park.
  • I would have stayed in touch more with George while he was at college.
  • I would have stopped Alan liked he had asked me to. But then, we wouldn't have had as much to laugh about in the Pinto that night.
  • I'd have kept the 240-Z and taken better care of it.
  • I'd have done all of the above right the first time so you wouldn't have to read this.

Rest assured I really don't dwell on these things anymore. It was kinda neat to think through them for a bit. Ultimately, I believe that things happen as they are meant to, and it is wasted energy dwelling on past mistakes. My life has made me who I am today, and I'm good to go with that. I have many stories for my kids and grandkids (someday), and friendships that are closer than family. I have no complaints. These are my memories. I'll keep them.

Anyone else want to play? Could be interesting blog fodder through the weekend. My imaginary shrink thinks it may be a healthy release.


Leah said…
I am not old enough to respond to this blog yet :) Please wait 2 years.
Norman said…
I’ll play

I would have never joined the military knowing now how corrupt and dishonest our government is.
I would have been more spontaneous and not have tried to plan out the rest of my life at 19.
I would not have cheated on Karen Lyons: Abby, Christie, Ann, and Carla just weren’t worth it.
I would have traveled more and seen cool things that I may now never get to see. Maybe travel down route 66!
I would have found God sooner and not listened to the hypocrites that fills most churches.
I would have learned to play the drums.
I don’t think I would have went to technical school, but I’m not sure.
I don’t think I would have ever been married BUT I do love my kids.

I could keep going but what is the point. I am very happy at my appointed place in life now so I guess that is all I could ask for.
Steve said…
That girl at the Pizza Factory...that wouldn't have been Renee would it? Boy you're right. It's the choices we make and the regrets about those choices that make us who we are. Great post, Todd.
Martha said…
Only one thing I would have done differently for sure. I broke up with Alan the summer of '87 and went out with this guy I met. He was tall, blonde, basically a Ken doll, in MBA school, totally HOT. He was interested in me, I was in him, but I was 'in love' and didn't date Paul like I should have as I did what many people do and stay with the familiar.

Now, I was 18 and he was almost 26 so there was a bigger age difference than I would have liked. But I was really attracted to him in every way and I kicked myself repeatedly about a year or two later for not going after him. I really regretted not getting 'closer' if you know what I mean. I still thought about him when I was 24 or 25 and what a dummy I was.

However, I finally learned to forgive myself for the stupid things I did when I was 18. It was a very freeing moment. Now that was something that I didn't do that I regretted not doing - usually it's the other way around.
Todd said…
Steve, I promise you i was not referring to Renee. I never behaved inappropriately toward her. I give you my word. I sound like Bill Clinton, only I am telling the truth.
James said…
Good grief I would not know where to begin! Though I would have taken to heart Anne Marie's warning not to eat an entire bag of prunes in one sitting.

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