My Daughters Are Insured By Smith & Wesson

These are my daughters. Take a good look. This is as close as you will get to them without going through me.

If you want to date them, you are welcome to be interviewed by me and undergo my 12-step background check.

If you hurt them, you will not be safe anywhere.

They are the bomb, though. They always make me smile.


Steve said…
You have a beautiful family, Todd. You truly are a blessed man. I know the feeling with having a daughter. I'm working on my, "Soooo, you want to date my daughter," speech.
norman said…
Tood-O, Rocking Roast this Friday @ 7:00. Head banging music for all, bring the kids. We Sail At Dawn, Firebreed, and another band. I'll try to bring my girls.
you poor, poor, sorry little man. I hope you own a gun.

And if you want to come up for The Who, let me know man. I'm down. There's a comfy couch with your name on it.
Paula Faye said…
Gorgeous! Good Job T. p

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